Naked music videos are a very popular trend this year as we find another revealing pop video making its way on the internet. Miley Cyrus is all grown up now and she is not a shy girl if one has to review her latest music video, “Wrecking Ball”.

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Looks cold up there

The slow ballad is from her forthcoming album “Bangerz”, the video features the “Hannah Montana” actress wears nothing but a pair of Doc Martens atop a wrecking ball. There is the occasional sledgehammer lick and almost too revealing camera angles to give away all she has to offer.

Cyrus is more toned-down in the video and the usual twerking and tongue-twisting is set aside. She shows a vulnerable side and even tearing up to go along with the sentimental lyrics. We have to assume the song is dedicated to her helter-skelter romance with Liam Hemsworth.


Dusty sledgehammer anyone?

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