Fans hoping to see Will Smith reprise his role in the sequels to “Independence Day” might see their wishes come true. Smith was still considered to be the center of the franchise, hoping that the “Bad Boys” actor will reprise his role as Captain Steven Hiller. Discussions for Smith returning were halted In October 2011 due to Fox’s refusal to provide the $50 million salary demanded by Smith. Emmerich did however commit to a back-to-back release, regardless of Smith’s involvement.


Independence Day (1996): White House destroyed by the alien spaceship

Roland Emmerich spoke to Digital Spy, who retracts his earlier statement that the Oscar nominated actor will not return for the sequels.

Emmerich says:

“I sometimes say no, Will Smith will not be in it because he didn’t want to do it at first,”

“Now we have a meeting planned, we want to talk about it again. Anything can happen,”


Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman

Confirmed to take the fight to the aliens again is Bill Pullman who will reprise his role as President Thomas J, and Jeff Goldblum will be back to reprise his role as David Levinson the MIT computer expert.