AMC is teaming up with Instructure and a university to offer an open online course (MOOC) titled “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ “. The course inspired by the hit tv series “The Walking Dead” will potentially see thousands of students enrolling for the online college course at the University of California, Irvine.

Prospective students can enroll by visiting


Cool garden gnome!

MOOC will run for a total of eight weeks, students can expect to attend their first class on Monday, October 14. Strategically dated one may assume, the course starts the day after the “Walking Dead” season 4 premiere on AMC. The course will run for eight consecutive Mondays through December 2.


Not a vegetarian! Ribs anyone?

The course will explore a broad range of scholarly topics through the lens of a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. Vice president of promotions and activation at AMC Theresa Beyer says:

“Fans of the show know that ‘The Walking Dead’ is about more than zombies; it’s about survival, leadership and adapting to situations that are perilous and uncertain,”

“There is clearly a growing appetite for engagement with ‘The Walking Dead’, and we hope this online course will drive a deep, sustained connection with the show during its upcoming fourth season and offer a legitimate educational experience that can be applied even more broadly.”

AMC debuted a new poster for the upcoming season 4, which promised to introduce an almost undefeatable threat! If  the society, science and survival thing is not your gig, check out how to create your own zombie special effects.