Apple invite for 10 September 2013

Apple invite for 10 September 2013

The invites are out, and the date is set. 6 Days to go until 10 September! Get ready for Apple’s next  “BooOOoom” event where they will launch a whole bunch of new Apple goodies. Looking at the invite, and deciphering at as per usual to try and discover a few subtle hints to what we can expect, leads us to believe the following:

  • New colour iPhones, hinting at the iPhone 5C that will come in various colours. They are White, Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Light-Blue, Yellow/Gold and Orange.
  • Graphite colour seems to be reserved for the iPhone 5S, perhaps Yellow/Gold as well.
  • The colours could also refer to iOS 7, which is as we now rather colourful
  • The “Brighten everyone’s Day” could refer to the cheaper iPhone, now accessible to “everyone”.

We are getting extremely excited over here, 10 September is 6 days away! Stay tuned to GeekShizzle for all the latest news. Apple invites sent for September 10 event.


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