Season 2 of the StarCraft II World Championship Series took place this past week at Blizzards GamesCom, and we have a new world champion. It is sometimes hard to believe that e-Sports StarCraft II championships is as much a professional sport as you can get. Money, sponsorships, dedication and practice practice practice. The pressure is on during this championship.

We’ve let that ship sailed for us personally, let’s face it, there are some seriously talented guys out there. It is every Geeks dream to get paid to play games.

This year’s final saw Jaedong and Bomber make it to the finals. Spanning over three days the championships started out with 16 players. If you would like to catchup on their road to the final and see the guys the beat to get to the final, then check-out the official YouTube channel. All the videos are there.

Bomber vs Jaedong

Bomber vs Jaedong


Bomber, from Korea playes Terran, while Jaedong plays Zerg. Jaedong only switched over to StarCraft II last year, and has already made it to four StarCraft II Finals, unable to win any of them. None have them have any major recent victories in Star Craft II.

You can watch the entire final below:


Bomber ended up taking a 3-0 lead with a triple bunker attack. I hate the triple bunker attach. This is at the 55 min. mark of the video.

Star Craft II - Triple Bunker Attack

Star Craft II – Triple Bunker Attack