GamesCom 2013 Cosplay Competition

GamesCom 2013 Cosplay Competition


This is “next-level” Cosplay. Contestants gathered from all over Europe for this year’s world-renowned Blizzard GamesCom Costume/Cosplay contest. Every year this competition simply get’s more epic, and the prises more awesome. This years winner won an all expenses paid trip to Blizzon 2013! We can only marvel and the magnificence, our favourite characters brought to life.

Here’s the Blizzard GamesCom 2013 Cosplay Competition Winners:


Third Place:

Third Place - Christiane L

Third Place – Christiane L

In third place, winning a Diablo III mouse, Diablo III headset, and Diablo III mousepad (all by SteelSeries)—plus a super-rare Mini Tyrael statue from BlizzCon 2011—was Christiane L. for her costume of a Wizard from Diablo III. Inspired by Wei Wang’s iconic piece, Christiane’s costume was made of cotton, silk, leather, synthetic leather, and various lining materials.



Second Place:

Second Place - Lisa L

Second Place – Lisa L

Just missing out on the First Place prize, but still going home with a fantastic AlienWare 14 laptop, SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming mouse, and Mini Tyrael statue, was Lisa Sister Benedron, a powerful Human Priest from Azeroth. You may recognize this gorgeous costume from Series 3 our officially-licensed DC Unlimited: World of Warcraft action-figure line.



First Place:

First Place - Ralf Z

First Place – Ralf Z

But the judges’ favorite costume this year was a larger-than-life male Barbarian from Diablo III, created and worn by Ralf Z. When not brandishing his exquisitely-made weapons or taunting the crowd with fierce battle cries, Ralf admitted he was thrilled to be awarded the top prize of an all-expense-paid trip for two to BlizzCon 2013, taking place this year on November 8-9.



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