Samsung has launched a contest, in hopes of rounding up the best uses for its flexible display technology.


Samsung has been working on the Youm’s technology for a few years now, hoping to bring customers the greatest benefit, durability

The company posted to its Website:

“We are calling on the most innovative designers, hardware engineers and entrepreneurs to develop new product ideas that put our revolutionary Flexible Display technology to use in ways that will define the future,” the company posted to its Website.


  • $10,000 Grand Prize
  • $5,000 First Prize
  • $2,500 Second Prize

Business plan submissions will be accepted beginning Aug 29, and they’re due in by Oct 6.

Sept 15 is the deadline for early feedback eligibility. (Early submissions may be offered tips by the Samsung team to help improve them.)


There’s a long list of Official Rules:

  • Submissions must be made in English
  • No logo other than Samsung’s official logo
  • Samsung will under no circumstances offer winners a job

Official rules


Ideal submission:

  • A product whose value proposition is enabled by the flexible display technology
  • A product with a value that current technologies don’t make possible
  • Cost assumptions, the matter of a timeline
  • How commercially viable the product is

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Brian Berkeley, Senior vice president of Samsung’s display lab in keynote speech @ CES 2013 talks about Samsung’s new flexible mobile OLED display – Youm