Words that inspire. Whether it’s a battle speech on the verge of greatness, or a sporting speech that inspired the underdog to victory, watching these moments of greatness truly does… Inspire. Below are 10 Epic Movie Battle Speeches:


1. Braveheart

Arguably the most famous of them all. Mel Gibson inspired his Scottish countrymen to greatness. “You can take our lives, but you can’t take our FREEDOM!”. The bagpipes make this speech immortal.


2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Not one of our favourites, but so inspiring was this speech, that it brought Harry Potter back from the dead.


3. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

A speech at the edge of defeat, at Black Gates of Mordor. Aragorn Inspires his few remaining men to do what few would think is ever possible.


4. V for Vendetta

The masked man with no identity gives a nationwide broadcast speech to inspire a revolution. Epic movie!


5. Independence Day

A Speech that may seem a bit cheesy now, but think back to the first time you watched this movie. Go Mr. President!


6. Armageddon

Another address by the U.S. President. the last hope to save the world from total destruction. Those flutes and “Enya-esque” voices again…


7. 300

It’s way at the end after much of the main battles have been won, but still… This speech deserves to be on here.


8. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Keira Knightley tries her best to rally the Pirates. There is only one way to motivate a Pirate… with gold! But, nevertheless… her speech seemed to have worked.


9. Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Cate Blanchett delivers her “Live or die amongst you” speech. Almost brought a tear to the eye…


10. King Arthur

“The gift of freedom is yours by right!” King Arthur motivates his comrades to greatness!


Worth Mentioning:

Glory (Morgan Freeman)
Henry V (Kenneth Branagh)
– Gladiator (Russel Crowe) – Two speeches here are worth mentioning, the first one with a mere two words only, “Unleash Hell”, and the second only a few minutes later with his “Elysium” speech.