The first trailer for “Homeland” season 3 has arrived. The clip showcases the aftermath of Carrie and Brody’s tearful farewell due to Brody being framed which led to his flight from the U.S. As expected the teaser is filled with emotional scenes.


Brody will not feature in the first two episodes

The clip teases as Carrie is seen in hospital and in another scenes Saul and Carrie is testifying in front of the senate. Brody sports a shaved head and at one point gets wounded. His daughter Dana is remembering better times, reminiscing family photos. She is even sitting on her father’s prayer mat, things are getting interesting indeed!

Brody will not feature in the first two episodes, confirmed the news while at the Showtime portion of the TCA Press Tour.

Executive producer Alex Gansa  said:

“The decision to not have Brody in the first two episodes was strictly a function of the story and where the story was taking us.  So much was transpiring on the ground in Washington that Brody’s flight from America just made it impossible to include that storyline in the first couple of episodes.  And whether there’s a backlash or not is completely out of our control.”


“The decision to not have Brody in the first two episodes was strictly a function of the story” – Alex Gansa

What can we expect in season 3, Gansa added:

“Certainly, one of the themes of Season 3 is the cost being an intelligence officer exacts on the people who are in that career.  I think Saul and Carrie are obviously the prime examples of that, this season.  As a result of the attack last year, the CIA itself is on trial.  That is an agency that couldn’t even protect itself.  How should it be expected to protect the country?  And Saul is confronted with that very question, in the first episode.  Saul finds himself in a very unique and different position than he’s ever been in before, now that he is sitting in the director’s chair.  He’s been quite comfortable on the sidelines, for the last 20 years, criticizing and making suggestions.  All of a sudden, he finds himself now having to make the decisions.  And with the actual existence of the CIA in question, he has to make some very uncharacteristic choices that he’s not comfortable making, and one of them obviously has direct bearing on his protégé, Carrie Mathison.  So, we find Saul in a very difficult spot, as a man who is loath to make decisions, now forced to make the most important ones of his life, and not only have direct consequences for a woman who is his protégé and who he loves as a daughter, but also in terms of the CIA itself.  I think he’s actually fearful that he might be the last director of the CIA, so where it might seem his actions are out of character, I think he finds himself in a position that his character is not used to being in.  That’s what generates these different responses.”

The new season will premiere in the US on Sunday, September 29.

Watch the trailer: