Fans have been waiting in anticipation for years, in the hopes that one of their favorite comic book characters will make it to the big screen. The DC Comics character, Wonder Woman, has been rumored being the next hero that Warner Bros. will develop a film for.

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Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. The daughter of Hippolyta, she was given power by the Gods to fight against evil in all its forms.
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According to Grant Morrison (via The Hollywood Reporter), Warner Bros. executives decided that Wonder Woman wouldn’t work on screen.  Despite the disappointing outcome so far, Alexandra Daddario has been linked to the coveted role for quite some time, she recently addressed the rumor speaking to

“Whether I’m in a Wonder Woman movie or not, I would love to be. I would love to see Wonder Woman get made. I would love to see this strong, female action hero,”


The beautiful actress from “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” would be an interesting pick. Unfortunately there is no confirmation if the film will make it to the silver screen.

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