The most-used phone has become a very contentious and coveted title as of late. With certain phones being more popular in certain areas or countries, or completely unavailable in other areas,  going on sales and amount of users remains important, but not quite as important as the most-used phone. Deep inside every distributor wants to know his phone is the most-used phone, whether that’s from a billion customers, or 100 thousand.

In a survey done by Forrester where 15 thousand plus people where asked to participate in both the U.S. and Europe, researchers not only found owners of the Apple device more frequently use apps, but conduct more tasks suitable to smartphones, such as browsing the Internet. This despite Android’s advantage both in number of handsets out there and in sales.

“The dichotomy just reinforces our Android in a Drawer theory, which says many owners of the Google-powered devices see their handsets as just a spiffier version of dumb feature phones, ignoring most of what makes smartphones smart” – iDownloadblog

That may seem like a radical statement, but the proof is in the pudding:




If we look at the survey in more depth, Android and iOS users like to browse the interwebs, SMS, use apps, search and social network. But the percentages of each is where the difference comes in.  More than 90 percent of iPhone owners told the researchers they browsed the internet at least once a week. Just 80 percent of Android owners report doing the same. Messaging – a function often performed on dumb feature phones – was where we saw the closest usage pattern.  For Apple iPhone owners: 90 percent said they messaged at least once in the past week, versus 83 percent of Android owners. The disparity reappears when it comes to app usage: 89 percent versus 76 percent, according to Forrester.

 “While Android continues to grow in popularity, it has yet to grab that premium class of consumers who use their phones the most and are the most attractive consumers for app makers” – TechCrunch.


Even though Andoid may be leading the market in terms of sales, Apple still seems to be doing something right in getting their users to actually use the phone.