Tara Reid will be asked back for “Sharknado 2” despite the report from TMZ that she has been “rejected”. The production company “The Asylum” and producer David Latt confirmed their intention to see the “American Pie” star back for the sequel.


Poster: Sharnado

The Asylum tweeted on Sunday night, July 28:

“For the record, @TaraReid is awesome and was great to work with in #SHARKNADO. We’d be lucky to have her back for the sequel. That is all!”

Latt informed The Hollywood Reporter:

“The short answer is: Nope. Tara is invited back.” He added, “Syfy and The Asylum love Ian, Tara, Cassie [and] EVERYONE. Hopefully she’ll [Reid] be the one turning us down because this bizarre film gives her — and the rest of the cast — some great opportunities, and therefore [she will be] unavailable.”

“Despite all of the rumors and tabloid stories, Tara was great to work with. She showed up to play. Knew her lines. Was into this crazy, silly film. No drama. No diva. … She was great and we would be lucky to have her in S2.”


Tara Reid

Reid responded on Twitter regarding the report that she would not be attached to the sequel:

“There is no script for sharknado 2 until i read it then i will make a decision but everyone that is saying i got cut that is not true#liars,”

Syfy has been given the green light for a “Sharknado” sequel just a week after the original film became a social media hit. Reid played Ian Ziering’s on-screen estranged wife.

Sharknado - 2013

SHARKNADO — “Syfy Original Movie” — Pictured: — (Photo by: Syfy)

Syfy executive vp programming and original movies Thomas Vitale teased:

“The fans are clamoring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel. What we can guarantee is that ‘Sharknado 2’ will be lots of fun.”