Comic Con is the Mecca of Cosplaying. To show even a few of the spectacular costumes that were seen at this years Comic con would be a gigantic task in itself. But, what we can do is show you one particular character that received a massive amount of attention. Witchblade is one of the most popular characters at any Cosplay events, and looking at these pictures, we stopped wondering why.  Witchblade is the characters that is known for wearing almost next to nothing. Jackie Goehner is our most recent  Cosplay hottie. She rocked the Witchblade outfit which apparently took only 5 days to complete. The detail on the blade itself is rather spectacular.

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Jacqueline Goehner Witchblade 3

Jacqueline Goehner Witchblade 4

Jacqueline Goehner Witchblade

Jackie Goehner Witchblade 3
Jackie Goehner Witchblade 2

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