Whatsapp LogoPopular chat app WhatsApp has just gone free on the App Store. Previously a 99-cent download, WhatsApp for the iPhone and iPod touch is now provided free of charge. And yes Android users, we know it’s always been free on Android.

In addition, the app’s been updated with:

  • – The much-needed ability to back up your chats to iCloud so you don’t loose your chat history upon reinstalling WhatsApp.


  • – Support for URL schemes and the ability to send multiple photos at the same time. URL scheme is a useful feature that allows WhatsApp to integrate more tightly with other third-party apps.

When the App Store in May hit the 50 billionth download, Apple said WhatsApp was the sixth most popular paid iPhone app of all time, despite costing 99 cents a pop.

WhatsApp-2.10.1-for-iOS-iPhone-screenshot-006 WhatsApp-2.10.1-for-iOS-iPhone-screenshot-004

As for iCloud support, to manually back up your chats navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and hit the Back Up Now button. And if you want to enable the automatic backup feature, just set the Auto Backup frequency to Daily, Weekly or Monthly. iCloud backups include media files received and sent in chats, except for videos. A word of warning:  you’d be wise to limit Auto Backup to Wi-Fi only in order to avoid unwanted cellular data usage.

WhatsApp now Free with latest update, download the latest version below: