It is rumored that Robert Downey Jr. will be portraying both roles in “Pinocchio (2013)”. reported the Iron Man star will take on the character Geppetto, and portray his puppet Pinocchio. Dan Jinks will produce the famous children novel by Italian author Carlo Collodi, accompanied by Downey Jr. and his wife Susan.


Italian writer Carlo Collodi’s Geppetto and Pinocchio to be played by Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. spoke about the film during the Iron Man 3 junket:

“I want to make Pinocchio as a live action film and not resorting to ‘animation. I would like to do it with Ben Stiller…”

Stiller was since reported to be in official negotiations to direct the film.


Pinocchio is known for having a short nose that becomes longer when he is lying

No start date has been confirmed for the project.