Frank Miller’s 1986 pen and ink creation will be sold in Dallas Texas by Heritage Auctions says Clearly we should reconsider our investment options due to the staggering amount the drawing can be auctioned for. If you have some ”spare change” lying around this might be the perfect investment for you, prepare to play hardball if you are interested and crack open the piggy as you will be expected to step in at approximately $500,000.


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Frank Miller’s 1986 ‘Dark Knight Returns’ cover

Courtesy of, for those of you “not in the know”:

Frank Miller is one of the comic industry’s most well known writer/artists. He is famous for his gritty, noir style and his revisions on classic heroes like Daredevil and Batman, as well in his creator-owned series Sin City.


Frank Miller

Todd Hignite, vice president of Heritage Auctions provides some key points why this is such a valuable item, Miller’s story:

“radically altered the direction of comics.”
“For fans of modern comics, this drawing is where everything really begins,”
“This moment defines Miller’s Dark Knight, and the modern day perception of Batman, like no other drawing.”

Hignite says the drawing is being sold by a private collector “who doesn’t want his name out there,” he added about the current owner, “He’s had it forever,” Shall we be the first in line to bid on the item?

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