Liam Neeson has closed a $20 million deal to return to “Taken 3”, reprising his role as the retired CIA operative Bryan Mills. Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen responsible for the previous blockbusters attached to the franchise, are already working on the script.


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It is unclear if Maggie Grace (Kim Mills:daughter) and Famke Janssen (Lenore “Lenny” Mills) will be joining Neeson for the upcoming sequel. Considering the huge financial success the franchise has enjoyed so far, it will make sense to push on for a third installment. “Taken” grossed $9.4 million, on its opening day in the United States, scoring the best opening day ever for Super Bowl weekend. It went on to make $24.7 million during its opening weekend, which was the second highest Super Bowl Opening weekend. Its follow-up, “Taken 2”, even did better by taking $18.4 million in its first week.

Quick look at the figures:

U.S. and Canada $145,000,989
Internationally $81,829,579
Worldwide $226,830,568.

Taken 2
North America $139,854,287
Internationally $234,421,549
Worldwide $374,275,836


Taken 2 movie poster

Dollar bills aside, Taken 2 received mixed reviews as expectations were high based on the first powerhouse installment. I suppose it makes sense to try and fill the seats for a third one from a numbers perspective, however we don’t expect movie goers to rush to the cinemas for Taken 3 unless Besson and  Kamen can pull it together for an explosive sequel to wrap-up the franchise.


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