Ben Biron, an Israeli army veteran, and co-founder Jonathan Ofir, created the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer called, Alcohoot. The idea came from a sign posted at the army base’s entrance listing drunk driving as the leading cause of death among soldiers.


Ben Biron and Jonathan Ofir

Quick info:

  • Approximately a quarter the size of an iPhone
  • Plugs into the phone’s top
  • Available on iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Takes approximately 10 seconds to calculate blood alcohol levels
  • The app tracks your results throughout the night so you know if your alcohol level is increasing or decreasing
  • The application software can connect users with nearby taxis
  • The device uses the same fuel sensors found in police-grade breathalyzers
  • The application software can connects users with nearby taxis
  • Retailing for $75

Over 500 buyers have purchased the device since the startup started pre-selling them in April 2013. Alcohoot’s breathalyzers will officially be made available in October 2013. Check out the company’s site to reserve a unit if you are interested.