***Update: This guide was posted prior to the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. We pretty much nailed it though, and stick to our original recommendations below.

After Apple showed us their new revolutionary Mobile Operating system (iOS7) at this years WWDC, we can with a few simple calculations and history as our friend conclude that the new iPhone 5S will be released on September 18 this year.

The question remains, should you wait for the new iPhone 5S? Or should you upgrade now? Depending on your needs, we’ve created the below check-list that will help you in deciding:

The new iOS7 on the iPhone 5

The new iOS7 on the iPhone 5

September 18 baby!

Proir to the iOS7 release at WWDC 2 weeks ago, Apple likely had the full release date schedule in mind for iOS 7 before WWDC took place. Considering Apple’s history with iOS releases, which have become relatively predictable at this point, we believe Apple will release iOS 7 to the public on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

In 2012, Apple unveiled iOS 6 on June 11, and it released iOS 6 on Wednesday, Sept. 19 exactly 100 days after its unveiling. We believe Tim Cook doesn’t want to mess with the successful Apple formula put in place by Steve Jobs, and Apple will again follow this exact timetable by releasing iOS 7 exactly 100 days after its unveiling, on Sept. 18.

Like last year, the alleged iOS 7 release date falls on a Wednesday. But do you know what else happened last year? Two days after Apple released iOS 6, Apple also released its newest iPhone, the iPhone 5. That leads us to our predictions for the new iPhone models in 2013.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook

But, let’s answer the burning question on all of our minds:

Should I wait for the iPhone 5S before I upgrade?

I already have the iPhone 5

If you already have the iPhone 5, then we believe upgrading or getting the new iPhone 5S will not really be worth your money. The iPhone 5S will be as per usual only get an “inside guts” upgrade. With higher spec camera, possibly a higher screen resolution and the hugely rumoured  new fingerprint sensor, the difference in user experience will not be THAT much different than the iPhone 5. Apple’s past ‘S’ models have featured the same shell as the core model, though with different features and slightly different tech specs. Once again, it seems that will be the case for the 5S.

Our recommendation: Unless you are an early adopter, the iPhone 5s is not worth getting it if you already have the iPhone 5. Seeing as you already have the iPhone 5, going for the iPhone 5c won’t be an option.

The iPhone 5 with iOS 7

The iPhone 5 with iOS 7


I currently have the iPhone 4S or older model(s)

If you are still using the 4S or even an older model, then upgrading is definitely worth it. By not upgrading you will lose out on some of the wonderful iOS7  features (Yes, iPhone 4 and earlier model owners get limited iOS7 features).

The question is should you upgrade now and get the iPhone 5, or wait for the release of the iPhone 5S? Apple reportedly plans to release two new iPhone models this year, a true successor to the iPhone 5 called the iPhone 5S, and a new “low-cost” iPhone aimed at emerging markets, either called the iPhone Light or the iPhone 6.

Can you wait 3 months? If you are able to upgrade now and are willing to wait 3 months, then you will be walking around with the latest and greatest around, the iPhone 5S. If the enhanced specs for the iPhone 5S is not enough to make you wait for 3 months then upgrade now!

Our recommendation: If you really want the higher spec’ed iPhone 5S, and can wait 3/4 months then hold on before you upgrade, otherwise upgrade to the iPhone 5 now.

P.S – If you are in any country other than the U.S. then add another 2 months to your waiting period. While the new iPhone 5S might get released in the U.S on 18 September it may take a while before it is available in your country.

We hope this helped you put things into perspective. Are you willing to wait? Are you holding on getting the iPhone 5S?