The Hangover Part III has gotten off to a slow start, it failed to beat its predecessor, The Hangover Part II, seeing it’s release on May, 20th. The third Hangover film promised to be a humdinger judging by the release of the teasers/trailers. Midnight screenings have indicated the franchise has not evoked the same excitement and fan based following as the predecessors.


The Hangover Part II made $10.4 million (midnight grosses) when it released in 2011, setting a new record for a rated R comedy. Part III came up short by earning only $3 million. This is a terrible start for the franchise considering they projected at least $85 million in its first five days. Early figures indicated first five days earnings would be closer to $50 million, far below the $135 million earned by Hangover 2 in its opening day.


Early reviews are not looking too great which might have contributed to the disappointing turnout. Metacritic, assigned a score of 30%, based on reviews from 35 film critics.