Henry Cavill revealed he would ‘love’ to be back for a sequel!

“Absolutely, yes. I would relish the idea of doing it again. I loved playing the character, I loved working with everyone I worked with. If I get the chance to do that again, that would be amazing. Yes, please.” – Henry Cavill



Man of Steel releases on June 14th and in addition to starring Henry Cavill as Superman, the film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, and Christopher Meloni.

His response when asked if the awesome superman suit  was easy to use:

“More or less. But the filming which proceeded 6 months took place in different climatic conditions and of course there were days when it was absolutely inconvenient to wear the suit. But every time when my patience gave out I looked in a mirror and tell myself: ‘Hey, you are Superman!'”- Henry Cavill

Well played!


Several weeks away from its release, the suspense, drama and anticipation for ‘Man of Steel’ continues to build, only weeks away from its release. Cavill has been promoting the film around the world with fans sitting at the edge of their seats waiting to fight off the hordes at the ticket office.

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