Australian rockers Airbourne released their third studio album called ‘Black Dog Barking’, proving once again that Rock is far from dead, long live Rock n’ Roll!

airbourne-black-dog-barkingAirbourne: Black Dog Barking – Album Review

We love it when a band stick to what they are good at. This is the case with Black Dog Barking. The AC/DC’esque hard rockers keep pumping the one classic rock anthems after the other. The fact that these guys sound so much like the rock legends AC/DC does not matter, and no body seems to care, because the music is great and leaves you wanting more! You can almost picture AC/CD handing over the proverbial ‘Rock-Gods’ torch to the blasting group from Australia. A new Era perhaps? Hailing from Warrnambool on the southwestern coast of Victoria, Australia, Airbourne has steadily gained an immense following with their explosive live shows and main stage festival appearances including a headliner spot at Wacken 2011, Rock Am Ring/Park (Germany) and Download (UK). Their first album Runnin’ Wild was named 2007′s ‘Album of the Year’ by, Best Debut Album at the 2008 Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards, and Spin said Runnin’ Wild, Airbourne’s debut, is a smorgasbord of sledgehammer riffs, crass sex puns, and boozy sing-alongs.”

From the first song ‘Ready to Rock‘ with Joel O’Keeffe’s throaty Brian Johnson-esque vocals we can’t help but scream along out loud the rapid and catchy choruses.  The mind-numbing guitar solos and driving drum beats from O’Keeffe’s brother and drummer of the band, Ryan O’Keeffe is everything we could ever want from Airbourne. The album has a beautiful balance between fast-pased rock anthems and slower songs such as “Animilize“, “No One Fits Me (Better Than You)” and “Back In The Game“. Make no mistake, we say slower, but if anything it is just as impressive. With O’Keeffe’s seductive vocals and the slow crisp clear guitar intro’s with the beating drums kicking in shortly after, it makes for the perfect road-trip songs to which we can blast the stereo and Rock-on!

With tales of booze, chicks and partying you will love this album for it’s ability to set the mood for one kick-ass party. Technically these guys are the perfect blend, the guitar riffs and drums never feel out of place or overdone. The O’Keeffe’s sure know how to create simple, energetic, catchy an classic rock music.




Airbourne’s third studio album “Black Dog Barking” is everything a classic Hard Rock fan can hope for. The entire track list will transport you back to the 80’s where Rock rules, and it was all about the music. AC/DC has proven that what they did remains ageless, and there’s no reason why Airbourne’s music should be any different. The tireless uniformity of the band’s approach makes this an honest, and in your face rock album that you will keep on coming back to when you tire of other bands.







Track Listing:

No. Title Length
1. “Ready to Rock” 5:24
2. “Animalize” 3:03
3. “No One Fits Me (Better Than You)” 3:06
4. “Back in the Game” 3:25
5. “Firepower” 2:59
6. “Live It Up” 4:26
7. “Woman Like That” 3:14
8. “Hungry” 2:56
9. “Cradle to the Grave” 3:22
10. “Black Dog Barking”