Here at GS we like to keep an ear on the local South African music scene, so naturally it was quite the pleasure when we heard that Johannesburg post-hardcore rock band Climate Control released their debut album Preludes. The group formed officially in 2007, the debut album is finally available…..and well worth the wait!


Climate Control - Preludes front cover

Preludes impress with songs that seamlessly shift from one tempo to the next without interrupting the steady build up and jam packed beats which brilliantly display their musical diversity. Very few bands come to mind that can achieve this seamless approach without leaving the songs feeling disjointed and messy. Comparing Preludes to “Bring Me The Horizon’s” – Sempiternal, may not be the best example, however the technical, on point execution and energetic gear shift approach in which the album is delivered is a close match. Preludes will get a rise out of most Post-Hardcore fans.

It is more evident the deeper you delve into the album that the group had a steady hand and patient approach to release Preludes. Throughout the album, we never got the impression that songs were produced quickly to appeal to the usual “run of the mill” hit songs that blasts into the chorus after 15 seconds. Hell no, these guys took their time to get their point across. It’s refreshing to listen to something that clearly does not aim to conform to most of the “aggressive” music that’s out there today.

Nothing on this album is, in any capacity, a “short song.” Even the songs that come in at around three minutes or less feels longer due to the dense layering. Changing rhythms throughout the song, with killer lead guitar riffs and clear vocals, the opening track “Clear Perception” is perhaps the most inventive moment on the album. The song “Praelüdium – Preludes” is a pit-raging anthem that is sure to be a major hit live. “Death Rattle” and “Spiralling” set the bar for us to piss-off the neighbours by pushing the Sony amplifier to the limits. Dual guitar-leads fill the air as we find ourselves with fists clenched in the air as we enjoy what seems to be a “new” era for Post-Hardcore in South-Africa.


The double bass drums and the hack and slash fret-work on the verses sent us back a couple of years, reminiscing after one of our favorite albums; Bullet for My Valentine’s Poison. Hopefully Climate Control will stick to their guns and continue to produce the good stuff… and hopefully we don’t have to find ourselves yearning for the good old days. Bullet for My Valentine’s “Temper Temper” is as rememberable as my second cousins baptism.

Climate Control manages to impress with the vocal interplay between Nicolas Gonzalez and Wesley Smuts. They provide the required blend of sweet-and-sour the Post-Hardcore genre is so well known for. It will be interesting to see how they will grow as the “vocal team”, there is always space for improvement and we are excited to join Climate Control on the way forward.

Highlight tracks: “A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions” and “This Chemical Overload”. Both tracks featured on radio stations such as 5FM and Tuks FM, and the US radio station Rock Radio. “Spiralling”, “Clear Perception”, “Death Rattle” and “Preludes” are worthy to be mentioned.


Climate Control is a band to keep an eye on. They really stepped up to the plate, proving their worth as a true contender in the South-African music scene. Their passion and dedication for what they do is appreciated with their début album release, Preludes. They’ve done amazing instrumental work with fast passed drums at hair-raising speeds at times, combined with no-frills hardcore vocal lines and killer dual guitar-lead riffs.

They are a talented group of guys, and this album shows their unity and sheer determination to produce quality content. Hardcore fans are in a for a treat If Underoath, Bring Me The Horizon and early-Bullet for My Valentine is listed as favorites .Best of all, Climate Control is a South-African group, and it is great to know that we have young talent breaking through the local music scene. Preludes receive the good old GeekShizzle thumbs up! Feel free to purchase the album on iTunes:


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Here’s the video to A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions:

Track Listing: Band members:
1 Exordium Nicolas Gonzalez – Vocals/Guitar
2 Clear Perception Jacques du Toit – Drums
3 Death Rattle Wesley Smuts – Bass/Vocals
4 Thoughts of a Weak Minded Individual Luca Zeeman – Guitar
5 The Road
6 Unforgiven
7 This Chemical Overload
8 A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean Of Questions (ft.S.Martin)
9 Te Amo, Adiós
10  Intermission 8
11 Spiralling…
12 Praelüdium (Preludes)

“We chose the name Climate Control, for the reason that we hoped the band’s music would relate to the emotional climate of a person. The idea behind Climate Control is to make music that will rouse the emotions of our listeners,” – Nicolas Gonzalez (vocalist/guitarist)