I loved Bullet for my Valentine. With the emphasis on ‘d’, loved! We looked forward to their latest album titled ‘Temper, Temper’ and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. But… unfortunately we are, to put it mildly. Disappointed.

Bullet-for-my-valentine-TemperThere is one important factor that will drastically impact your appreciation for this album, and that is: When last did you listen to Bullet for my Valentine? If you have not listened to any of their music in the last 3 years, then chances are you will really like their new album, if you struggled through Fever, and before that Scream, Aim, Fire recently then you will probably feel the same way we do.

We fell in love with Bullet for my Valentine because of one word… Poison! The album was a pure masterpiece, and will go down in the Heavy Metal annals as one of the best first albums for a upcoming band ever. The album did extremely well worldwide! Charting on the Billboard 200, a Metal band charted on the Billboard! When last did this happen?

I read this review, and felt that even though the reviewer has a few valid points, the review is a bit harsh. But let’s take you through it.

I listened to Bullet quite recently, and as I blasted the first track “Breaking Point” I felt the days of Poison slowly starting to kick inside my soul again. It was a good track I thought… But, making your way through the album, you kind of want to skip to the next track the whole time, thinking “let’s hear the next one, the next one is going to be amazing!”. Sadly you are left wanting more. There are the odd tracks here and there that will have you listen to them again, but quite frankly, the album is nothing new. It is as if the band tried to write something that sounded like Poison. The solo’s and the riffs are all the same. There’s even a track called “Tears don’t fall Part 2” (from the Poison album). The auto-tune on Matt Tuck’s (Vocalist) voice is heard every now and then as well. Perhaps the target audience changed for these guys, perhaps their looking at 10-15 year old’s now?

All of this really pissed me off. There is nothing worse than a band trying to ride on the success of a 5 year old album.

Still, the album is better than Fever, and miles better than Scream, Aim, Fire.

Personally my days of listening to Bullet for My Valentine is over. I’ve had hope for too long now, I am cutting the cord and letting them go… for good.

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