Drive awakeWe’ve all dozed off a bit while being behind the wheel. We all know the feeling. Your eyes start feeling heavy, and the next thing you realize is waking up… not actually falling asleep. Falling asleep behind the wheel cause serious accidents on the roads.

Suffer behind the wheel while driving no longer. Drive Awake works by using the iPhone’s front-facing camera to monitor a driver’s eyes. You simply mount your iPhone to your windshield and it tracks your retinas to see if they’re open. Once the app determines you’re falling asleep it emits a loud and annoying parrot squawk to get your attention and help you find some coffee.

Is anybody thinking that using this in long pointless meetings at work will be perfect? Or even those long lectures at school?
Here’s a video of the App in action: Drive Awake iOs App Keeps you Awake:



This is the first eye-detecting app of it’s kind, the question remains as to how well this actually works. Plus, it probably eats battery life like crazy.

Currently FREE in the App store.