We’ve been fans of guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani for ages now. Since the days of Flying in a Blue Dream, and the latest Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards album we’ve had his music on our playlists. His music truly transcends the use of words, why use words when the instrument can take you places where words can never take you.


Joe Satriani –  Unstoppable Momentum – Album Review

Finally Unstoppable Momentum was released, and we can hardly believe it’s been such a long wait, since 2010.

We had mix feelings when listening to the album for the first time. The first two tracks “Unstoppable Momentum” and “Can’t go back” kicks off with a blast, and we felt like we’re in for something really special. It is classic Satch with fresh tunes and fresh rhythms, exactly what we expected and more! Yet after the first two tracks we had to pause for a moment and listen to them again, sadly we found ourselves skipping tracks and after fully enjoying A Door into Summer, we could not believe that we are halfway through the album and only “loving” 3 tracks so far.

This is considerably difficult from arguably one of the best guitarist the world. But something inside us wanted more, something different to what we are normally accustomed to. Fans can truly be critical and harsh, and it is impossible to please everyone seeing as everyone is critics these days. By changing  your music direction completely or reinventing yourself can  anger your hardcore fans, change too little and you are not producing anything fresh. This is where we have to give Satch credit though, he is sticking to what he does best, and that is producing kick-ass solos with head banging rhythms staying as soulful and emotional as ever, even if it is nothing “new”.

After taking some strange musical directions with some of his albums in the past, “Unstoppable Momentum” is exactly what you’d expect from a Satch album. If you can accept the fact that the album may not be anything new, and its the same old Satch, then you can truly appreciate the album. Perhaps you can also accept the fact that fans may have wanted the same direction from day one, simply give us classic Satch. The new album will provide the consistency one would expect from his previous flagship albums.




“Unstoppable Momentum” may not be what most fans where expecting in terms of “new” or “fresh” material. What you do have is classic Satch giving us what we love. If this is your type of music, then you will be amazed at some of the solos and get swept away with some of the truly emotional ballads  Yet we could not help but think after a few months we will be listening to his older stuff again. As great as this album is, Joe has some insanely high standards giving the amazing music he’s already produced over the years. This album will be a great listen, and provide much appreciation and “awesomeness”, yet compared to his older songs it is not quite as catchy, or soulful. Satch fans will surely appreciate his efforts, give the new album a listen and provide your rating.


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