New Riddick Trailer Does Not Impress:

The first trailer fir the third Riddick film was just released.¬†As mentioned previously in our 5 movies that will be back…Again, we’re not too excited about it.

The movie does look action packed, and you have your classic Vin Diesel fighting scenes. Unfortunately this is not enough, we’ve been there and we’ve seen it. The story is nothing if not exactly the same as the first movie. A group of bounty hunters are after Riddick, and at the same time a dark and evil monster happens to be on the same planet as the one they are trying to catch Riddick on. So they all end up teaming together to defeat this enemy. This sounds all too¬†familiar. As a matter of fact, we had to check if this was indeed a third film, or a reboot of the first.

At least we’ll see Katee Sackhoff A.K.A Starbuck in it. Batisda from WWe is also part of the cast.



Here’s the Trailer:

Tell us what you think. Impressed much?