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Iron Man 3

We had pretty high expectations for the third Iron Man movie. The Iron Man franchise has been at the head of the entire Marvel Movie world. The third movie though left us with mixed feelings. Luckily the movie does not disappoint and it is a worthy third instalment, but if you drill a bit deeper into the story of Iron Man and expect what we where lead to expect in the film, especially from the Mandarin, you will be left wanting.

After the success of The Avengers there’s a lot of pressure on any of the solo super hero movies. Can they live up to the hype and levels of satisfaction that Avengers gave us. With Avengers we where spoiled with multiple super heroes glorifying our screen and giving us non-stop superhero action satisfaction. Iron Man 3 is the first Solo Superhero movie post Avengers, so the pressure was on to determine if a Solo superhero movie can live up to expectations.

SPOILERS ahead, you are warned!

Iron Man 3 – Movie Review


In Iron Man 3 Tony Stark is having a hard time recovering from the events of “The Avengers” film, and things aren’t made easier when someone close to him is badly injured. The terrorist responsible — the elusive Mandarin — pits himself against Stark in a game of cat and mouse that spans the country, with Stark being stretched to his limits.

One thing that we felt is that Iron Man 3 is not so much an Iron Man film as it is a Tony Stark film. The movie succeeds by zeroing in on exactly what makes the man in the iron suit so special. It is different, and yet refreshing. Even though this movie sets the tone  for a more serious “soul searching” saga within Tony Stark, we still get the arrogant, charismatic and comic Tony one-liners. The movie is still fun, and will leave you with a big smile and nod of approval.

What we missed in this movie was the Iron Suit itself. If you think about it you don’t really see the suit THAT much. Yes it features through out the entire movie; heck multiple suits feature from start to end. But you don’t see Tony Stark AS Iron man, you see Tony Stark controlling a suit remotely, or other people in suits. The suits seemed more vulnerable, all over the place and not as majestic as it was in the previous 2 movies. It also felt like almost anyone can wear a suit and become Iron Man. Even Pepper.

Then the biggest downer for this movie was The Mandarin. We really looked forward to seeing Him wield his rings of power, only to discover he is a complete fake. An “actor” that simply plays a character that is called The Mandarin. For any fan of the Iron Man comic series or that knows the role the Mandarin plays in it will be BITTERLY disappointed. Judging by the trailers, Ben Kingsly looked like a truly awesome Mandarin, but unfortunately the script did not allow for this at all. Here’s who the Mandarin really is:

RingsoftheMandarin Iron Man 3 The-Mandarin

Luckily Guy Pearce picks up the scraps of a worthy Villain and gives us the battle we’ve been waiting for. He truly kicks ass, and kinda made up for the lack of a true villain.


Iron Man 3 is a fun movie that lives up to the expectation built by The Avengers. You get your classic Tony Stark / Iron Man movie with a refreshing shift into a more serious side.  It is a visual special affects dream come true. If you can look past the Mandarin mishap, then Iron Man 3 is definitely on par with the previous 2.

What did you think? Rate Iron Man 3 Below:

IMDB Rating: 7.8

Rotten Tomaties Rating: 77%