We’ve all watched a series that completely captivated us. We all were devastated when the series got cancelled. Most famous of these that quickly reached cult status are probably Firefly, Freaks and Geeks and most recent Alphas. What other series really impressed us but robbed from enjoyed the entire series due to cancellation? Which TV shows stopped but would have been great if it was renewed?

This is our list of 5 More TV Shows we would Love to see more of:


The Lost Room


This mini-series blew us away. The series aired in 2006 and revolves around the titular room and some of the everyday items from that room which possess unusual powers. The show’s protagonist, Joe Miller, is searching for these objects to rescue his daughter, Anna, who has disappeared inside the Room. The Lost Room has existed outside of normal time and space since 1961, when what is only referred to as “the Event” took place.

It’s difficult to give an accurate description of this series, all we know is we wanted to see more! Never before have we seen a series like this. There has been no news regarding additional episodes despite non-stop pleas from the cult following this mini-series created.



Flash Forward


We loved and hated this series, it had a story that absolutely captivated us, yet it felt wasted on petty storylines and pointless episodes. FlashForward aired for one season only. The series revolves around the lives of several people as a mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds on October 6, 2009. During this “blackout”, people see what appears to be visions of their lives on April 29, 2010, a global “flashforward”.

The ‘season finale’ was shot before it was known the show would be cancelled and showed another FF event happening 20+ years in the future, following the novel’s premise closely. Such a pity that it was cancelled… we would have loved to see more. Yes the series felt drawn out and you had to force yourself to keep watching at certain stages, but we all died to know what really happened? What caused the Blackout?





Dollhouse is a science fiction television series created by writer and director Joss Whedon. This was just before Joss reached achieved the fame and recognition he has achieved now. It got canceled after a total of 27 episodes produced including the original pilot.

The show revolves around a corporation running numerous underground establishments (known as “Dollhouses”) across the globe which program individuals referred to as Actives (or Dolls) with temporary personalities and skills. Wealthy clients hire Actives from Dollhouses at great expense for various purposes. The series primarily follows the Active known as Echo, played by Eliza Dushku, on her journey towards self-awareness. Dushku also served as series producer.

We would have loved to see more, not only because this series had the sexy Eliza Dushku, but from a Sci-Fi perspective this was pure brilliant. I can really see this becoming a possible reality in the future.





Jericho is an action/drama series that centers on the residents of the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas, in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States. This was another series that absolutely pulled you into watching every episode. The story was pure class. I can really see this happening, and if something like this happens, how would the world react? How would we survive after 23 nuclear bombs are dropped on us?

It was initially canceled after its first full season because of poor ratings. While a fan campaign was able to convince the network to bring the show back for a seven-episode second season, it was canceled for a second time after that run. Sadly these extra season 2 episodes felt rushed and messy. In 2009, plans were announced for a possible feature film version of the series and a continuation of the Jericho storylines in a comic bookseries. A new comic book series for Season 4 was released in August 2012 by IDW Publishing




Life Series

Life is an American crime drama television program that aired for two seasons. The series stars Damian Lewis (Now famous for the series Homeland) as Charlie Crews, a detective released from prison after serving twelve years for a crime he did not commit. Life premiered on September 26, 2007. On May 4, 2009 the cancellation was announced.

We thoroughly enjoyed the “zen”-ness of this series, how Charlie tries to adapt to civilization again after his sentence in prison. It was fun, action, and a great cast.


Obvious and noteworthy mentions:

– Firefly
– Aplhas