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The Oldest Rock Bands still Performing Today, Then and Now

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I’m astounded at the amount of bands that just keep on rocking. They just refuse to give up and throw in the guitar/mic/drum stick. The trend these days seem to be for old bands to reunite, or get back together again. Bands that we grew up with, are once again living the life and rocking hard! Bands such as The Moody BluesDef LeppardMotley CrueIron Maiden, White Snake and Judas Priest still perform Live Today!

The question is which band has been going at it the longest, with the original members? We decided to compile a list of the oldest Rock bands still performing Today. Guys that have survived the days of Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll. We had one criteria, the band must have to this day more than 80% of their original members still in the band.

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The Rolling Stones: 1962 – Present

Rockin’ non-stop for: 52 Years


rolling stones then


rolling stones now

They are the obvious answer, and the correct one. The Rolling Stones are currently busy with their “50 & Counting” tour. 50 years! Let that sink in for a moment. These guys have been rocking live concerts, for 50 years!

Current members:

Name: Mick Jagger
Role: Lead and backing vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: April 1962–present

Name: Keith Richards
Role: Guitars (electric, acoustic, slide and bass), keyboards, backing and lead vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: April 1962–present

Name: Charlie Watts
Role: Drums, percussion
Original Member: Yes
Time: January 1963–present

Name: Ronnie Wood
Role: Guitars (electric, acoustic, lap steel, pedal steel, slide and bass), saxophone, drums, backing vocals
Original Member: No, Not technically considered an original member, but he’s been part of it all since 1975.
Time: March–present

Name: Mick Taylor
Role: Guitars (electric, acoustic, slide and bass), backing vocals
Original Member: No, but he was a full-time member from June 1969–December 1974
Time: 2012 – Present


The Moody Blues: 1966 – Present

Rockin’ non-stop for: 48 Years


Moody Blues Then


Moody Blues Now

The Moody Blues have sold more than 70 million albums worldwide and have been awarded 18 platinum and gold discs. As of 2015 they remain active with one member from the original 1964 band (drummer Graeme Edge). But, the remaining two joined only two years later, in 1966. This gives them a total of 48 years of non stop rocking!  and

Name: Justin Hayward
Role: guitar, vocals
Original Member: No, but he was a full-time member from 1966
Time: 1966–present

Name: John Lodge
Role: bass, guitar, vocals
Original Member: No, but he was a full-time member from 1966
Time: 1966–present

Name: Graeme Edge
Role: drums, percussion, vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1964–present



ZZ Top: 1969 – Present

Rockin’ non-stop for: 44 Years





ZZ Top holds the record for the only American rock band to have the same members for 30 or more years. La Futura is their fifteenth studio album that was released last year, and its first in nine years, following Mescalero. Unbelievable.

Current members:

Name: Billy Gibbons
Role: Vocals, Guitar
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1969 – Present

Name: Frank Beard
Role: Drums, Percussions
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1969 – Present

Name: Dusty Hill
Role: Bass, Vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1969 – Present


Rush: 1968 – Present

Rockin’ non-stop for: 44 Years

Another band that just keep on keeping on. The band finished the second leg of the Time Machine Tour in July 2011 and released their latest studio album, Clockwork Angels in June 2012 with a supporting tour that began in September 2012.





Current members:

Name: Alex Lifeson
Role:  Acoustic and electric guitars, bass pedal synthesizer, backing vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1968 – Present

Name: Geddy Lee 
Role: Bass, lead vocals, keyboards
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1968 – Present

Name: Neil Peart
Role: Drums, percussion
Original Member: No, joined 1974. Replaced John Rutsey in 1974.
Time: 1974 – Present


Golden Earring: 1961 – Present

Rockin’ non-stop for: 52 Years

Two words, Radar Love! The band that has the greatest road trip song ever, are still alive and kicking! Their latest album Tits ‘n Ass was released on 11 May 2012. They may well take the crown, their line-up has not changed in 4 decades!





Current members:

Name: Marinus “Rinus” Gerritsen
Role:  Bass
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1961 – Present

Name: Barry Hay
Role:  Vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1961 – Present

Name: George Kooymans
Role:  Guitars
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1961 – Present

Name: “Cesar” Zuiderwijk
Role:  Drums
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1961 – Present


The Eagles: 1971 – 1980, 1994 – Present

Rockin’ for: 30 Years with a 14 year break.

The one song everybody know about is without a doubt “Hotel California”. The Eagles disbanded in July 1980 but reunited in 1994 for the album Hell Freezes Over, a mix of live and new studio tracks. In 2007, the Eagles released Long Road Out of Eden, their first full studio album in 28 years. The album would top the album charts, release five singles to the Adult Contemporary Charts, and win the band two Grammys. The next year they launched the Long Road Out of Eden Tour in support of the album. The band members have discussed the possibility of making another album. On April 1, 2013, during a concert at Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario, Don Henley announced a new reunion tour for the Eagles, potentially beginning as early as late 2013.


eagles then


eagles now

Current Members:

Name: Glenn Frey
Role:  Vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1971–80, 1994–present

Name: Don Henley
Role:  Vocals, drums, percussion, guitar
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1971–80, 1994–present

Name: Joe Walsh
Role:  Lead guitar, vocals, keyboards
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1975–80, 1994–present

Name: Timothy B. Schmit
Role:  Bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1977–80, 1994–present

Aerosmith: 1971 – Present

Rockin’ non-stop for : 42 Years with a 4 year period where the line-up changed.


Aerosmith 1972


Aerosmith 2013

Name: Steven Tyler
Role:  Vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1971–present

Name: Tom Hamilton
Role:  Bass
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1971–present

Name: Joey Kramer 
Role:  Drums
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1971–present

Name: Joe Perry
Role:  Guitar
Original Member: Yes
Time:  1970–1979, 1984–present

Name: Brad Whitford
Role:  Guitar
Original Member: Yes
Time:  1970–1979, 1984–present

U2: 1976 – Present

Rockin’ non-stop for: 37 Years





U2 needs no introduction. They’ve had an unchanged line-up since day one. Well-known for their sold-out concerts and setting the standard in live entertainment, they spare no expense in touring and performing. This what they do. They were the only band in the top 25 touring acts of the 2000′s to sell out every show they played. U2 resumed the 360° Tour in 2010 with legs in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The tour concluded in July 2011 with a final gross of $736,137,344, and a total attendance of 7,268,430, both record-setting figures for a single concert tour. U2 are currently working on their thirteenth studio album, which they plan to release in 2013.

Current Members:

Name: Bono 
Role:  Vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1976 – present

Name: The Edge
Role:  Lead guitar, backing vocals
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1976 – present

Name: Adam Clayton
Role:  Bass
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1976 – present

Name: Larry Mullen
Role:  Drums
Original Member: Yes
Time: 1976 – present


The Beach Boys: 1961 – 1998, 2012 – Present

Rockin’ for 38 years with a 14 year band-splitting-into-various-versions-of-The-Beach-Boys break.





The Beach boys, also known as “America’s Band” had quite a few changes, and band conflicts. Following Carl Wilson’s death in 1998, a number of versions of the band, each fronted by a surviving member of the original quintet (Dennis having died in 1983), continued to tour into the 2000s. In 2012, the surviving Beach Boys put aside their differences, recorded a new album, and embarked on a full-scale reunion tour. There is a lot of debate on who actual “Beach Boys” are, and who aren’t. the current line-up compared to the original differs drastically. They were initially composed of brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine. With only  Mike Love  on lead vocals (1961–present) and Bruce Johnston –on keyboards  (1965–1972, 1978–present) from the Original band.


Notable mentions:

AC/DC: 1973 – Present

The Who: 1964 – Present

Scorpions: 1965 – Present

Bon Jovi: 1983 – Present

Def Leppard: 1977 – Present

Motley Crue: 1981 – Present

The Hollies: 1963 – Present, with plenty of Band line-up changes.

 Black Sabbath is back! We reviewed their new album

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below…

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  • clint

    How could you screw up Rush. Geddy Lee Bass Keyboards Lead Vocals. Alex Lifeson. Backing vocals electric/ acoustic guitars. Neal Peart Drums and percussion.

  • Torch

    Yes! As in, Yes!

    They have had more lineup changes than the Beach Boys, but they’re All Good People, and they have been on their Long Distance Runaround since 1968.

  • Sudipta Patowary

    The Who is another band which deserves mention, still active even though they formed in 1964……

  • MikeSchmidt

    The Osmonds are older, 1958.

    • TheFran

      Thanks Mike, the Osmonds slipped under our radar, but considering that only Jimmy and Merrill (half the band) are left touring, the Osmonds doesn’t fit with our criteria of still touring Today with all/most of the original members.

      They are definitely worth mentioning, especially if we have The BeachBoys on here.

      Lastly, Considering the “break” they took in the late 70′s for the ‘Donnie and Marie’ show it becomes challenging calculating the years they have been touring non-stop.

      • Danny

        Actually it’s the three of them. you forgot Jay.
        yes the they deserve to be mentioned

  • ttmfrc

    Rush – you have Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson mixed up. wtf?

    • TheFran

      Well spotted, we’ve corrected the mistake.

      • Mark Stevens

        as noted above Timothy B is NOT an original member of the Eagles..neither is Joe Walsh.. Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon are originals..Don Felder came aboard in 1974 but departed in a well publicized spat..only true orignals are Don Henley and Glenn Frey .

  • Eddy

    Kiss is back on tour this year after their “farewell” tour back in 2000. Are they still the original 4?

    • TheFran

      Kiss is getting there, but they only started in 1973 making them a decade or so behind some of the bands listed here.

  • RvdG94

    The facts about Golden Earring aren’t really true…
    Barry Hay joined the band in 1967 and Cesar Zuiderwijk joined the band in 1970. Since then they have had the same line-up (sometimes they had a fifth member which dropped out quickly) and they booked nearly all of their success and fame with this line-up.

  • zab

    AEROSMITH??? 43 YEARS?!?!

    • TheFran

      Yup, They’ve been rocking since 1970, longer than U2 listed here! They still have all 4 original members! We’ll add them!

    • TheFran

      Aerosmith added, check above!

  • TheFran

    We added Areosmith to the list, apart from a 4 year period between 1980 and 1984 where the lineup changed a bit, they still have the original members!

  • Kevin

    Wait a minute, Joe Walsh and Timothy B Schmidt are NOT original member of The Eagles. Long time members, yes, original members, no. Joe Walsh joined in 1975, when The Eagles had already released 3 studio albums. Schmidt didn’t join until ’77.

  • Alex

    AC/DC?! It’s their 40th anniversary this year after all!

    • TheFran

      Hi Alex,

      I wanted to put AC/DC on here so bad, but the AC/DC line-up only stabilized in 1980 with Brian joining (RIP BON!), then there was a 10 year period where Phil didn’t drum, but he came back in 1994. This gives a broken period of 1980-now, minus the 10 year drummer change = 23 years same, and 33 years with different lineup (if you count from 1980)

  • Mark

    what about the red hot chili peppers?? definitely performing for over thirty years!

    • TheFran

      They’ve been swopping guitar player too many times. Plus Flea and Ant started in 1983, Chad only joined in 1988. This gives 26 years with 3 of the 4 members remaining the same. They’re not quite there yet.

  • dante

    Sven Ingvars 1956 – ….

  • Paul Watson

    Yes are still going strong since 1968 and are currently in the studio recording their new album. They’ve haven’t stopped touring either and will be playing concerts around the world this year.

  • Shad

    The Shadows? anyone?

    • TheFran

      Shadows aren’t performing anymore.Plus they had way too many breaks and splits in between which makes calculating their time of non-stop rocking a nightmare.

  • Deagol

    Queen?? Same lineup since 1973, excepting one member died.

    • TheFran

      Only Brian May and Roger Taylor’s left. Deacon also left in 1997, 6 years after Freddie died in 1991. That gives 18 years with the full line-up from 1973-1991unchanged, and roughly another 6 years with deacon, and since 1997 they’ve had only guest vocalists.

    • TheFran

      Queen is difficult one. Brian and Roger remains from 1970, and john Deacon until 1977. Since then i’m not sure who the bassist is or if they even have a permanent one? Same for vocals. Adam Lambert?

  • HopalongCassidy

    Status Quo since 1962.

    • TheFran

      Yup, but Rick only joined in ’67. John Edwards only joined in ’85 and and Andy Brown in ’76. Drumms have been chopped and changed almost every decade. Still an amazing feat for them!

  • JimL

    Crosby, Stills and Nash!

  • Johnny

    The Moody Blues have had their core 3 members for 47 years. I’m pretty sure they should be on this list.

  • Alex Capper

    Status Quo! Still rocking today like they were when they started.

    • TheFran

      Indeed. But Rick only joined in ’67. John Edwards only joined in ’85 and and Andy Brown in ’76. Drumms have been chopped and changed almost every decade. Still an amazing feat for them!

  • steveo

    The Who 1964

    • TheFran

      The who definitely is worth mentioning. It’s a difficult choice though. Pete and Roger’s been there since the beginning in 1964, but the rest of the band has chopped and changed quite a lot (okay John stayed from ’64 until 2002).

      The Who is essentially now a two man band. If you can see them as a two man band since 1964 then that gives them 50 years!! But… I dont think they are a two man band as some of the guys stuck with them for decades through the 80′s 90′s and 2000′s.

  • supwiddat

    Timothy B. Schmit is most certainly NOT an original member! In 1977, he replaced Randy Meisner, aka, the ACTUAL original bassist and guy who sang Take It to the Limit!

  • Scorpsthebest

    Scorpions 1969-
    Not on list

    • TheFran

      They’ve had way too many band member changes. Only Schenker is the one constant member from 1965. Klaus have done the vocals for the studio albums only.since 1970, and Matthias joined in ’77.

  • Samuel Hudson

    you forgot YES! I saw them last night and they formed in 1968. Still have 3 original members

  • Nate

    Chicago’s been around since the mid 60′s. Not sure how many of the members are original though.

  • James Westvold

    AC/DC been around for 40 years and is currently recording a new album.

    • TheFran

      Yup, but with Phill Rudd’s break from ’83 to ’94, Cliff only joining in 1977 and Brian only in 1980 gives them roughly 34 years.

  • Matthew D’Augustine

    Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmitt aren’t original members of the Eagles. They replaced Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner, respectively.

  • KL

    HOw about Bon Jovi? Not as old as the pre-80s band but I think it’s worth a mention.

    • TheFran

      They’re definitely on their way. Only one band member change in 1994. they started in 1983, this gives them 31 years.

  • Lisa Neiss Valade

    What about KISS? They performed last night in Ridgefield WA.

    • TheFran

      KISS may have been rocking non stop, but they’ve had plenty of band line-up changes. Only Paul and Gene remained from the start in 1973.

  • Csabi

    And hungarian in Omega 1962 members:

    Kóbor JánosBenkő László
    Molnár György
    Mihály Tamás
    Debreczeni Ferenc l

    • TheFran

      Thanks Csabi, but unfortunately I don’t think anyones ever heard of Omega.

      • abrm

        What world do you live in?

        • 316CID

          Sorry abrm, I haven’t heard of them either, I guess you are in that alternate universe.

  • Mis Tress Sylvia

    Uriah Heep – 1969, Nazareth – 1968, Blue Oyster Cult

  • Troels

    The Savage Rose – since 1966 or 67 ish. No pause.

  • Daniel P. Hanover

    What about The Moody Blues ? ! Graeme Edge has been with them since 1964, and John Lodge & Justin Hayward joined in 1966. Thy’re still touring and recording. What about The Moody Blues ??? !!!

    • TheFran

      True, Thanks for the notice. I’ve added them!

  • Webmonkey

    Tangerine Dream 1967–>

  • Carolina Pet

    Golden Earring has only 2 original band members. The original 2 since 1961 are George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen. Barry Hay joined them in 1967 and Cesar Zuiderwijk joined in 1970. The line up has changed a bid since then as that they had 2 times a 5th member in the 70′s. But these 4 guys have been together since 1970.

  • NIki

    Ummm, Scorpions??? 49 years and still going it seems to me…

  • midnightsue

    The Grass Roots

  • James Rob

    Saw Three Dog Night last year; they indicated they had all of their original members and still sound great!

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  • Kenny Johnson

    MAX CREEEEEEK!! OLDER THAN U2… A band straight from the backwoods of New England! The ooldestliving jam band in existence. They vary genre wise.. from a country rock tone to a reggae funk with a splash of a bluesy jazzed virtuoso guitar playing.

    • 316CID

      I guess they never left the backwoods, only the squirrels and foxes are aware of them.

  • Snooker

    A few corrections come to mind.
    1. If Rush has two out of three original members, that is not “more than 80% of their original members.” It is 66.6%.
    2. Walsh (James Gang) and Schmit (Poco) are not original members of the Eagles.
    3. The “then” picture of the Stones shows Ronnie Wood, so it’s far from a “then” pic. You’d have to go back to when Brian Jones was part of the band. They also don’t have 80% of the original lineup, which was Jones, Ian Stewart, Jagger, Richards, Bill Wyman, and Watts. That’s 50%.

  • Rusty Green

    Journey 1973 – Present

  • Quetzalli zarate

    What about red hot chili peppers,they’ve been together for 33 years now since 1980 and still together .

  • Greg Steiner

    Iron Maiden, 1975-Present!!!

  • ZaXtOr

    You forgot moody blues.
    1964 – present.

    Years active1964–1974

  • erva

    The Residents, the most famous experimental band, 1972 – 2015, 43 years

  • jeremy

    cheap trick, Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973, kiss, 1973

  • rwdavis22461

    where is the who?

  • Give me a KISS

    And what about KISS?
    These guys,forming KISS, ” the hottest band in the world “, at present Paul Stanley( guitar, lead vocals, the “Starman”), Gene Simmons ( bassguitar, vocals, ” The Demon”),Tommy Thayer (guitar, vocals, the “Spaceman”) and Eric Singer (drums,percussion, vocals, the “Catman”) being its members, are rocking since 1973 and still going strong!
    In fact they’re regularly touring the world and still releasing new albums, like “Monster” .
    Anyone still remembers worldwide hits like “Rock and roll all night”, “I was made for lovin’ you”,”Detroit Rock City”,”Black Diamond”,”Lick it up!”,just to name a few…..

  • andre

    Fleetwood Mac maybe, even if it was Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac in the 60′s.

  • Bubba

    Why didnt Alice Cooper make the list? Or at least an honorable mention. He created the rock show vs. a rock concert. As far as I know their first album was in 1969 with “Pretties for You” I’m not aware of any long breaks, but members have changed. Alice has been a rock and roller for 46 years or so. Just sayin’..

  • Bubba

    Why didnt Alice Cooper make the list? Or at least an honorable mention. He created the rock show vs. a rock concert. As far as I know their first album was in 1969 with “Pretties for You” I’m not aware of any long breaks, but members have changed. Alice has been a rock and roller for 46 years or so. Just sayin’..

  • Janos Nagy

    Not on the list ??? Omega Hungarian Rock Group active from 1962 ” The Girl With The Pearl’s Hair”, ” Gammapolis”, Youtube : OMEGA 50 LIVE BUDAPEST 2012.okt.6.

  • Matthew Edison P. Ytac

    Hey! You forgot the famous rock band that goes by the name of SCORPIONS! They began to play in 1969 and up till now they are still playing

  • Ciprian

    Weren’t other european rock bands from 62 good enough for you guys?(Phoenix from Romania and even Omega from Hungary)

  • Rui Almeida

    where are Jethro Tull?? They still play and tour…

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