Anne-HathawayAnne Hathaway will return to her “The Dark Knight Rises” director’s fold as the female lead of Christopher Nolan’s new Sci-fi film, Interstellar. Matthew McConaughey has been confirmed to join the recent Oscar winning actress, nothing is known about the specifics for either of the roles.

The Nolan name (brothers, Christopher at the helm and Jonathan on the script,) has drawn major attention to the production which is based on Kip Thorne’s theorizes regarding wormholes for time travel. Anne Hathaway has proven to be a good ingredient in the Nolan mix and I am sure this will be an excellent follow up to our favourite masked Gotham crime fighter. Nolan may also be bringing one of his actors from The Dark Knight Rises along, sadly Christian Bale will not be trading in his mask to join the cast in this exciting Sci-fi venture.



The Nolan team production film will hit cinemas on November 7, 2014.