Red – Release the Panic Album Review


red-2Red first emerged from Nashville back in 2006 with the release of their debut album, “End Of Silence”. They are well renowned for the song “Breathe Into Me” which initially caught my attention, needless to say I have been following them ever since. Their energetic hard rock & heavy metal sound has been appreciated by music fans across the globe. Michael Barnes has always impressed me with his versatile singing voice. He managed to find the perfect vocal mix to add the required flavors to sell this album to the wider audience.

The album has an interesting mix of heavy, scull cracking songs that allow you to feel the blood pulsate through your veins with tracks like “Release the Panic” and “Damage”. On the other end of the spectrum they have managed to blend in equally as many radio-ready “commercial” songs that might appeal to the variety market with tracks like “Hold Me Now” and “So Far away”.

In many ways, “Release The Panic” is proving to be Red’s, “new approach” with a swing to the older, harder stuff that gave them the exposure they so rightfully deserve. Red, like many other groups this year, have taken some bold steps to push the envelope. Comparing the new album with previous successors will be difficult, considering they are significantly different by approach and sound.


Highlight tracks:
“Release the panic”, “Damage”, “Hold me now”, “If we only” & “So far away”


RED’s fourth project “Release The Panic”, will make an impression on new fans that will last longer that many will anticipate. I can’t deny the fact that existing fans might feel they have been “short changed” a bit by the “melodic, pop/rock” approach the group has taken to push their artistic limits. It is often a difficult negotiation to release an album with diversity and mix of genres.  Red have managed to excel at this very well with “Release The Panic”. The album will most likely not feature at the headbanger’s ball, however there are more than a few songs to keep the blood flowing. The one down side to the new album I can speak to, is the lack of an attention grabbing single to be the front runner – for example “Breathe Into Me” is the flagship for “End of Silence”.




Track list:

1. Release The Panic (3:02)
2. Perfect Life (2:52)
3. Die For You (2:47)
4. Damage (3:42)
5. Same Disease (3:02)
6. Hold Me Now (4:01)
7. If We Only (3:47)
8. So Far Away (3:56)
9. Glass House (3:33)
10. The Moment We Come Alive (3:23)

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
11. Love Will Leave A Mark
12. As You Go
13. Hymn For The Missing (Guillotine remix)
14. Death of Me (Guillotine remix)
15. Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)