MTV is hosting the annual Movie awards, and they need us to go and pledge our votes! Among the awards are Best Hero, best Villain, best Movie, etc. The list didn’t really have the hero’s we thought worthy of such an honour, so we compiled our own list as well.

These are the MTV candidates for Best Movie Hero for 2013:



I’m not even sure why she’s on here. What did she do again? She betrayed Batman which indirectly caused Bane to break his back, then way at the end she all of a sudden wants to be on the good guys’ team? Nope. Cat-woman is a no-no.

Snow White


She did manage to rally an army and kill the evil queen, but she never did any of this alone. She can hardly swing a blade. Not a good candidate at all.

Bilbo Baggins


In my opinion, Bilbo Baggins should definitely get the “most unlikely” hero award. He really stepped up to the plate when nobody else expected him to (accept maybe Gandalf). He does not have any special skills with a blade, but his wits and courage is what stands out. Good candidate, but is he THE hero of 2013?



Hulk is damn awesome, he can do, bash, kill and smash just about anything and anyone he want’s to. But, I doubt whether he truly classifies as a hero. Let’s face it, he is a bit unstable. You never know if he will save the world or destroy it. He does heroic things, but does that make Him a hero?



He steps up when there is nobody else, he endures what nobody else can, he is bloody smart, and takes on his fears. He is truly a hero. Granted he was a bit selfish and had only his own interest at heart initially, but he came to eventually.

We would like to add the following 2 heroes. We feel that these guys at least qualifies to be seen in the same league as the ones mentioned above, and perhaps be THE hero of 2013?



Django with a silent ‘D’. He’s the type of guys that will end the slave trade single handedly. He has a never say die attitude, and has no fear. He’s endured the worst of the worst, which gives him that dark past that drives him forward. Exactly what we want to see in a hero!


John McClaine


How many times has he saved the world? Can he be killed? John McClaine is the bad-boy hero type, they guy with no patience, no smiles and he takes no shit from nobody. Do not piss him off. John McClaine may not be the poster boy hero type like Superman, but he does qualify none the least. He has character, endurance, anger, and is fearless.

Who did we miss? Anybody you want to see added? Comment below.