Our favorite serial killer is back for the 8th (Has it really been 8 seasons?) season of the series Dexter. The teaser says it all…


I’ve always been a very neat monster but lately the truth has begun to spill, and too many people have seen the full picture. I’m losing control. And the only thing I know for sure is that it isn’t going to be pretty.


Here’s the Dexter Season 8 Teaser Trailer :

It prepares us for some kind of cleansing. Too many people know¬†Dexter’s¬†secret, and I would assume this takes us on a road where he starts to “minimize” the amount of people that knows. First episode debuts on June 30th! I wonder how many more seasons will there be? Somehow the series have kept us entertained, they managed to conjure up something fresh every season. Let’s hope Season 8 will be no different.