Snake Plisken RebootI’m a big fan…no HUGE fan of the 1981 classics Escape from “New York” and “Escape from L.A”.  Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken.

The story follows the tough convict who is dropped into a futuristic New York that has been turned into a crazy violent maximum security prison. Snake is offered a pardon, if he successfully rescues the president, who is being held hostage by the prison kingpin after his plane crashes within the city walls. Snake is also fitted with a lethal device that will kill him if he tries to run or misses the deadline.

Sounds like Joel Silver will be picking up the reigns as Director in getting the reboot going. Also, this is going to be a Trilogy! I say again.. This will be a Trilogy.

“Silver is planning an entirely new take on the material. The goal is to turn it into a trilogy, starting with an origin story in a fashion similar to the way Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes restarted that franchise.”


The question is… who will they cast as Snake Plisken? Post your suggestions below…

Excited much! Hell Yeah!!

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