You just bought your expensive surround sound system, and it took you a day to hook everything up. Now you’re ready to test this beast out but have no idea what to feed it? Well, don’t worry, here’s a list of specific movie scenes we found to be perfect to test your surround sound system. They will give your beast a proper work-out:


1. House of Flying Daggers:

House of Flying Daggers

The Beans-bouncing-off-drums scene is pure class. If you haven’t seen this movie it’s worth checking out for this scene alone. Marvel at your surround sound setup as the beans bounce from drum to drum across your room. Chapter 3, 11:10 – 19:14

2. Heat

Heat movie

Watch the entire post-robbery-chase-shooting scene. We absolutely love this scene. you’ll hear raw machine gun fire all over the place,glass shattering and casings dropping on the floor. This is one of the best scenes to test your surround system out. You will also find this scene as one of the most highly recommended for this purpose


3. Saving Private Ryan

Tidus for

This was my first true experience of proper surround sound. I remember hearing bullets flying past my head, I felt as if I was there! Watch the first 30 minutes, you will not regret it. No test is complete without trying this scene out.


4. The Matrix

Matrix Lobby Scene

The entire movie will test your surround sound, but the lobby scene alone would be a suitable test. The Propellerheads’ techno number “Spybreak” booms along in the background as bullets whiz by the heads of Neo, Trinity and you.



5. Iron Man

Iron Man

The climatic battle scene between Iron Man and Obediah is another great battle scene. This time the characters are in full iron armor so you can enjoy the sharp sounds of metal as they clash.
Chapter 14, 1:45:16 – 1:48:54



6. Das Boot

New on DVD

For such an old film, it’s quite impressive to make our list. Definitely the scene where the submarine’s rivets begin to pop.I actually ducked the first time I heard it!



7. Transformers


Nominated for three different Academy Awards in the categories of Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing. This movie is a must on your sound system. The mechanical noises are distinct for each robot and a good sound system will allow you to hear that.