There are many movie gadgets that would enable you to reach geek level expert. I am sure all geeks out there have many gadgets to add to my list, unfortunately we may need to wait a while for these gadgets to be available. Collaborated efforts of many subject matter experts and geeks alike are pushing the boundaries to enable our wildest dreams to come true.

Top 5 Movie Gadgets We Want


1. J.A.R.V.I.S – Movie: Iron Man

I can think of a million reasons why this will be an excellent edition to my man-cave. Inspired by Tony Stark’s assistant in Iron Man, Chad Barraford’s DIY digital life assistant listens and talks to him, monitors his apartment and keeps him up-to-date on current events.




The AI butler  J.A.R.V.I.S is Tony Stark’s personal assistant. J.A.R.V.I.S. is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence that possesses scientific knowledge to aid Tony Stark in his research.


2. Personal robots – Movies: I-Robot, Star Wars

The idea of a personal robot washing my car or cleaning the pool is an instant win in my books. The concepts of human robots are nothing new. The 8th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robotic Interaction took place on March 3-6, 2013. HRI is devoted to exploring the theme of Holistic Human-Robot development. Robotic solutions are increasingly applied to real world problems such as our aging society, renewable energy, climate control, emergency response, education and exploration.


"I, Robot"

“I, Robot”

I, Robot is loosely based on (“suggested by”, according to the end credits) Isaac Asimov’s short-story collection of the same name. In 2035, anthropomorphic robots enjoy widespread use as servants for various public services.



3-CPO is a robot character from the Star Wars universe who designed to serve human beings, and boasts that he is fluent in “over six million forms of communication”.


3. Squid – Movie: Strange Days

It would be more entertaining to experience the moment for yourself, if your best friend explains to you how he managed to crash his car through the school’s main gate last Friday night.

A recent ground breaking discovery may guide scientists to understand how to “record and replay” memories. A new brain implant tested on rats restored lost memories at the flick of a switch, heralding a possible treatment method for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or amnesia. Such a “neural prosthesis” could someday be used to facilitate the memory-forming process and help patients remember.

The device can mimic the brain’s own neural signals, thereby serving as a surrogate for a piece of the brain associated with forming memories. If there is sufficient neural activity to trace, the device can restore memories after they have been lost. If it’s used with a normal, functioning hippocampus, the device can even enhance memory.




“Superconducting Quantum Interference Device”, which records events directly from the wearer’s cerebral cortex, and when played back through a MiniDisc-like device allow a user to experience the recorder’s memory.

4. Remotely controlled androids – Movies: Surrogates, Avatar

Imagine the endless possibilities, being able to do things with your life without the risks that normally convince you otherwise…. like skydiving or swimming with a great white shark for example. We may have to confirm with the HRI development award winners to understand if this technology will be available in the near future.

Surrogates android

Surrogates android

A surrogate allow everyone to live in idealized forms from the safety of their homes. A surrogate’s operator is protected from harm and feels no pain when their surrogate is damaged.


Zoe Saldana as Neytiri in Avatar

To explore Pandora’s biosphere, scientists use Na’vi-human hybrids called “avatars”, operated by genetically matched humans in the block buster3D film Avatar.


5. Time machines -Movies: Hot Tub Time Machine, Back to the Future

The opportunities are endless with time travel. Imagine placing bets on major football matches and knowing exactly what to say to impress the panel at your next job interview. The added benefit of driving the modified DeLorean DMC-12, racing through the time vortex at 88 mph makes this gadget a must have for Geekshizzle! According to time travel is no longer regarded as strictly science fiction.


Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine

Four men, all of them bored with their adult lives, travel back to their 1980s teen-hood, courtesy of a time-shifting hot tub.

The famous Delorean DMC-12

The famous Delorean DMC-12

An electric guitar-playing teenager ends up stuck in the 1950s, travelling back in time driving a modified DeLorean DMC-12.