Metalcore founders Killswitch Engage released the official video to their new single “In Due Time” from their highly anticipated album “disarm and descent”. I say highly anticipated, because this album marks the comeback of original front-man and vocalist Jesse Leach. Now, I loved KsE (Killswitch Engage) back in the day when Jesse did the vocals, but when Howard Jones replaced Jesse I was torn between anger and amazement! Howard really did an amazing job, and kept KsE at the top of the list regarding metalcore bands.


But let’s be honest, can anybody sing “My Last Serenade” and “Fixation on the Darkness” like Jesse does?


That is why this album is so highly anticipated, and this new single and video feeds that desire to hear more…more…more.


So plug in some earphones, or turn the volume to the max, and enjoy this amazing new song!

Killswitch Engage releases Official Video