We’ve just seen the latest trailer to Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and boy was it loaded with new information, battles and snippets of what we can expect to see!  This trailer certainly doesn’t hold back, and gives us a real look at what the story of Rings of Power may be; at least in the first season.

More importantly to us is the definite scenes we see that references back to the 1st age. This is without a doubt the events we look back to the most in the entire Middle Earth history and one day hope to see the event in the 1st age done on the silver screen. Who doesn’t want to see an epic film about Beren and Luthien, or the Battle of unnumbered tears?

For now, here’s all the Middle Earth first age events we will see in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Trailer 2:


  • Valinor:  Yes we will see Valinor! The Two Trees, were Laurelin (the Gold Tree) and Telperion (the Silver Tree), which brought light into the Land of the Valar in ancient times. We saw remnants of the white tree in Lord of the Rings in the city of Gondor.
  • Oath of Fëanor: Based on the trailer, we definitely think there will be reference to this terrible oath. The Oath of Fëanor was an oath taken by the Elf Fëanor and his seven sons to non-negotiable enmity against any person who would take a Silmaril or keep it from them, early in the First Age. Once Morgoth killed Finwe and stole the Silmarilli, this oath became the cause of some of the most terrible and tragic crimes in the history of Arda.
  • Sea of red / Aftermath of the 40 year War of Wrath or, the The Nírnaeth Arnoediad, aka the Battle of Unnumbered Tears:  Both wars were of epic proportions We’re leaning more towards the the latter, as it was the fifth major battle in the War of the Jewels that took place in the late First Age and fought between the Union of Maedhros and Morgoth’s forces. The battle was a pivotal moment in the war as the northern power of the Elves took heavy casualties, allowing Morgoth to exercise his dominance over Beleriand.

    Most of Galadriel’s visions seems to be most of either of these 2 wars she was part of.

  • Trek across the Helxxarxe: The Helcaraxë or “Grinding Ice” was an icy waste between the lands of Aman and Middle-earth. The Helcaraxë was first crossed by Melkor and Ungoliant after they destroyed the Two Trees.[3] After being abandoned by the House of Fëanor in Araman, Fingolfin and his people braved this dangerous, frozen wasteland on their journey to Middle-earth. They endured great hardships and lost many including Elenwë, wife of Turgon, who perished in the crossing
  • Balrogs: Yes Balrogs! It looks shockingly similar to the one we saw in the Lord of the Rings. Note, no wings on this one.

We are super excited for these 1st age events to feature on the show. What else can we expect? Could we possibly see a silmaril?