We’re happy to report that Metalhead Meytal Cohen, aka Meytalll is doing well and still drumming non-stop sensations one after the other. Last featured in 2014 here.

Quick recap: She started drumming at the age of 18, and also spent two years in the Israel Defense Forces. She currently resides in Los Angeles and spends most of her time rocking the socks off her neighbors with her slick drumming skills. As she explains on her official site, Meytalcohen.com, she always faced the challenge of people saying that she is pursuing the wrong things in live.  Despite the conventional, “you’re making noise, you’re wasting time, you’re spending money, and this will never amount to anything” criticism,  she graduated with a degree from the LA Music Academy.

Here’s her latest album cover from none other than Gojira and after than a classic Metallica  song we’re sure needs no introduction:

Meytal Cohen – Metalhead drummer 8 years later:

Apart from her Youtube channel  she is also in a band. formed in 2015, Meytal’s first studio album Alchemy was released. Co-produced by Cohen and Sahaj Ticotin, the album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.

Here’s one of their hits, Nothing:



Be sure to check-out her Instagram account which also shows off her drumming skills with some pretty well executed covers, like this one from Lip Bizkit:

Personally we still love her take on Tools Lateralus: