Before we jump right into the Dark Lords strengths and weaknesses, heres a quick recap on who the Dark one was:

Morgoth, once named Melkor, is the primary antagonist of The Silmarillion, and the master and predecessor of Sauron, in-turn eponymous primary antagonist of The Lord of the Rings History


Once part of the Valar (Archangels), Melkor became the first Dark Lord who was named Morgoth Bauglir in Beleriand and Middle-earth. He became greedy and hungry for Light, but seeing it was inaccessible to him, he turned to Dark, coveting it and, by seducing many Archangels and angels and corrupting them for his course, he filled Dark with fear for all future life. Melkor marred the Great Music of the Valar with his selfish ambitions and inspired fear and corruption amongst his brothers and sisters. Eventually, Iluvatar, God, rebuked Melkor for his pride and reminded him that pride was his weakness. Ashamed, Melkor withdrew, but when Iluvatar showed the Valar His new creation: Earth, Melkor longed to possess it. He gained a foothold on Earth’s newly created surface and fell into a battle with his brethren, which lasted all through Earth’s early history. Eventually, Melkor claimed Kingship over Earth and declared himself the god of the realm, but it took the combined efforts of Elves, humans, Valar, and all the Free Peoples of the world to defeat him. The Valar captured him and thrust him through the Door of Night bound in a great chain, Angainor.

Ok now we can move on…

Here’s a list of Morgoth’s Powers and Weaknesses. He was pretty bad-ass. He had it all seeing as he was essentially half-god/Angel (Valar). Speed, strength, durability, healing, stamina, intelligence. He is te greatest of the Ainur. Morgoth is far above his brethren. He posses a share in all their power, thus having all of their powers to a lesser degree. He is thereby a sort of jack-of-all-trades. This may be one of the reasons for his great control over life and death.

  1. Shapeshifting
  2. Necromany (The Inventor of it)
  3. The Power to drive the wills of his subjects
  4. Illusions
  5. Hypnotic Eyes to essentially wipe the will away from the targeted subject
  6. Master of deceit and lies (This is a power that defines Morgoth)
  7. Commander of Balrogs (They follow his orders without question nor hesitation)
  8. Master Smith (Even better than Aule but never utilized it for good)
  9. Understood the Will of Eru the best but chose not to heed it
  10. The Only Ainu with a free will reason for his rebellion
  11. Unmatched in raw power in his prime (save for Eru)
  12. Was able to daunt the other Valar in his prime
  13. Creator of Dragons (They didnt always listen to his commands but they would follow him unconditionally)
  14. Marring of Arda (This is not really a power but a consequence of use of his innate power, expending and wasting it over the eons) Which has a lasting and permament effect on everything and everyone in the world, essentially his will is in the fabric of time and space.
  15. He had total mastery over Ice and Fire
  16. Telekinesis (was able to move continents and mountains)

There is only one weakness that we know of: He has a limited amount of power “gets drained” the more he uses it.

Also worth noting that Morgoth had Grond: A massive warhammer that Morgoth wields as his main weapon, it is also known as “the Hammer of the Underworld.” It’s powerful enough to create a crater and lightning strike with each blow. We listed Grond as one of the most powerful weapons ever in Middle-Earth.

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