If you’ve not seen the official synopsis of the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime then head-over here. Bases on the synopsis is is very likely that the show will start during the lifetime of the 6th King of Numenor: Tar-Aldarion.

So if you’ve not read the Silmarillion, or have no idea who Tar-Aldarion was then fear not and get up to speed on our detailed breakdown on Tar-Aldarion below:

Who is Tar-Aldarion?

There is not much information about Tar-Aldarion, he is not one of the main characters in any of the publications like The Silmarillion or the Unfinished Talles. But it is in the Unfinished Tales where we can find out more about this King:

“”Aldarion, for so he is called in all tales, grew swiftly to a man of great stature, strong and vigorous in mind and body, golden-haired as his mother, ready to mirth and generous, but prouder than his father and ever more bent on his own will.“― Unfinished TalesAldarion and Erendis: The Mariner’s Wife

1. The Mariner –  He was also known as “The Mariner”, and his name signifies “of the trees” because he was a noted tree steward and forester. His first love was the sea, and he was already a great explorer before he became king, leading his crew in long voyages to Middle-earth, mostly against the wishes of his family. Aldarion created the Guild of Venturers, whose quarters were on the ship Eämbar. He made several journeys to Middle-earth and established a friendship with Gil-galad in Lindon.

2. A visionary man – He saw the threat coming from Sauron upon the races of Elves and Men alike, so he built a vital Númenórean port in Middle-earth, at the mouth of the river Gwathló. It was named Vinyalondë and parts of it survived into the Third Age as the port of Lond Daer.

At his command, numerous ships were built, among which 3 were mentioned more often – Eämbar, the “Sea-Home”, headquarters for the Guild of Venturers, Palarran, the “Far Wanderer”, which served him in many voyages. Hirilondë, the “Haven-finder”, largest in Númenor.

3. He was married to Erendis, a Númenórean woman of lesser status than Aldarion himself, and therefore she had a shorter life-span

4. Tar-Ancalimë – She became the first ruling Queen of Númenor