It’s time for one of our favourite gaming conventions of the year! Blizzcon 2018! If you we’re lucky enough to get a ticket to go then congratulations my fellow geeks you are about to embark on a journey many a privileged gamer have ventured before, but even more still dream of achieving. There’s some exciting rumours doing the rounds and we have high hopes for another legendary year. We’ve listed the top rumours/news that you can expect to hear at this years Blizzcon 2018. Here’s our predictions of what to expect at this years 2018 Blizzcon.

We will be updating this post as more information becomes available, so be sure to bookmark this page or share it. BlizzCon 2018 – What To Expect:

1. Diablo

We already now a Diablo announcement is coming after community manager Brandy Camel made the below announcement:

We also know Diablo 3 is coming to Switch. The question is when? We anticipate the release will be on/during Blizzcon. Here’s the announcement that was made earlier in August:

This is not all for Diablo, the largest fanbase (PC users) still need some love and many are speculating that we will see Diablo 4 getting released! Other than these awesome possibilities some also believe we may get Diablo 2 remastered. But wait, this is not all: There is a Blizzard Netflix series getting released.  Already confirmed which means we’re hoping to get lots of details around it. Our money is on Diablo.  According to the Revenge of the Fans site, Hellboy writer Andrew Cosby has been asked to write the rumored Diablo Netflix series. So far, no other details have been leaked at this time about the alleged series which is based on the game that first made its appearance back in 1996 — but if this rumor turns out to be true, it would be a glorious day for Diablo fans.


2. World of Warcraft

With most of the player base flying through content there will be a need to see the future roadmap for Battle For Azeroth. So expect a possible reveal on patch  8.1. This may include a look at Kul’Tirans and Zandalari allied races, maybe a sneak peak of the Azshara raid. Also a possible reveal of WoW Classic too, if things are going good maybe a small presentation of how they remade it from the ground up, but I don’t think a demo or any gameplay is going to show up.


3. Heroes of the Storm

Nothing really fresh for this unfortunately. Best case is maybe a new hero. If Heroes of the Storm is anything like previous years, there will probably be a teaser for one or two heroes, maybe with a tie-in for another Blizz game.


4. Hearthstone

There’s probably going to be a Hearthstone expansion. We’ve lost touch with this community a bit after  our dream of becoming a professional Hearthstone player was smashed after realizing we can never get past Rank 10.


5. Overwatch

Let’s hope for a new hero. We need a game changing update to Overwatch. Chances are we will get a new hero teaser and a new map. I am still hopeful that we will get a story mode sometime.

If you’re interested in more generic news details and event information then check-out the below video from IGN that summarises it perfectly:


Tell us what you guys think in the comments below. Did we miss anything?