First things first, watch the trailer:

Warner Bros. unveiled the first trailer for December’s Aquaman. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger in 1941, poor Aquaman waited has 77 years for to headline his own feature film. And while star Jason Momoa (whom we love) may look substantially different from Arthur’s original design many of the hallmark aspects of the character will finally be realized with a cinematic scope.

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Was it worth the wait? We don’t think so and predict a sad box office bomb. Here’s why:

1.The story is old and we’ve seen it over and over and over again: Forgotten rejected son needs to fill his father’s shoes and step-up and become King, even though he doesn’t want to and rejects it. Until his evil brother arrives and forces a face-off and in the end the rebel son becomes King. Boring.


2.Warner Bros. just can’t decide if they are serious or funny. This was evident in Justice League and it can be seen here. There are dark undertones to some scenes only to be ruined with a stupid comic relief quirk. Unlike their competitor (Marvel) who seem to be pretty darn good at getting this balance right.

3.Over the top ridiculous: Face it, were not impressed by over the top CGI and out of this world cinematic anymore. Avatar worked ’cause it was a first but seeing Atlantis in the trailer was pretty ‘Meh’. Truth be told some of those images looked like Finding Nemo, especially the poster.

What about the Sharks vs Seahorse battle below? Is it cool or stupid?

4. Competing with Ant-man: Realistically Aquaman is competing with Ant-man here. This means it’s looking at a total box-office of $180,202,163 at number 44 all time. Looking at Black Panther that’s sitting pretty on $699,937,428 we have to ask is this destined to be a flop? When will this be labelled a success though? Beating Doctor Strange on $232,641,920?

5. What else can make people want to go see it? Black Panther had the whole “African roots” thing going for it that was marketed brilliantly. Apart from the fact that it was a pretty good movie you had every black person that went to see it tell all their friends to go and see it.

Aquaman? the best thing it has is Jason Mamoa, everyone loves Jason.

What do you guys think? Are we too pessimistic here? Look more on the bright side?

Let us know in the comments.