As the date approaches for the biggest film to hit cinemas to date we look at Thanos and all the possible scenarios that may play-out during the Infinity War movies 1 and 2.

Who Can Kill Thanos?

San Diego Comic con 2017 just finished and we had our first real detailed look at how Thanos look, and how he kicks ass in the trailer (we all saw the leaked trailer for Avengers Infinity War part 1). Previously we looked   at possible heroes that are strong enough to kill Thanos, check that viral post of ours here: Who can kill Thanos.

Today we look at the Avengers as a team and how they’ve faired as a group in the past (comics) against Thanos. Bear in mind our movie will also include the Guardians of the Galaxy and a few other superheroes that weren’t officially part of the Avengers.

Thanos vs Avengers – Who will win?

In the official Infinity Gauntlet #1-# 6 comic series we get a glimpse of what we can expect before a final showdown is Thanos (finally obtains all six infinity gems) killing half of the earth’s populations with a quick snap of his fingers. The remaining heroes are swatted away with ease, leaving no one to stop the mad Titan from imprisoning cosmic entities such as Galactus and Eternity. In this instance Thanos decided to become one with the universe. In theory, that doesn’t sound so bad, but the supposedly unstoppable villain stupidly left the gauntlet vulnerable alongside his abandoned mortal body, enabling his opponents to steal the gauntlet back and undo all of the damage.

Remember Thanos’ obsession with death (check here)? In  The Thanos War Thanos regularly had run-ins with Captain Marvel — not to be confused with the super heroine of the same name — and in this classic tale, the Mad Titan fought to get his hands on the cosmic cube, an object that can alter the fabric of reality itself.  Long before Infinity Gauntlet hit the stands, Thanos gained god-like power during the Thanos War, which he used to kill innocents in order to bring himself closer to Death. Like a power-crazed magpie, Thanos just couldn’t get enough of those shiny, reality-altering objects, but with the help of the Avengers, Captain Marvel thwarted the Mad Titan’s plans, ending the Thanos War while saving countless lives in the process.

In Infinity War #1-#6 The story follows hero Adam Warlock (introduced at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2), who uses the Infinity Gauntlet to remove the good and bad parts of his character in order to use the infinite power of the stones with logical objectivity. Unfortunately, this accidentally creates an evil version of Warlock known as Magus, who gains enough power to build an entire army of hero doppelgangers fighting under his control.  Sure it’s cheesy, but there’s something intrinsically awesome about watching superheroes fight evil versions of themselves, making this a crossover event for the ages. While Thanos is not the central villain in this run, the appearance of his doppelganger means that you get more Mad Titan bang for your buck with this series, as he unites with Magus to do what he does best; kill everything.

Thanos vs Squirrel Girl. Squirrel Girl? While Squirrel Girl isn’t technically a card-carrying Avenger, the bizarrely loveable character has been a prominent member of the The Great Lakes Avengers and has even babysat for the Avengers children on occasion.

It seems strange though that this pint-sized hero has been relegated to the backburner in the Avengers Mansion, as she’s single-handedly defeated both Dr Doom and even Thanos herself in the past, achieving something that even the likes of Captain America found to be an impossible feat.

Don’t believe that a girl with mutant squirrel powers can take on the Mad Titan and win? The proof’s in the pudding, guys.

Personally here’s how we would like it to go down: Remember what the Avengers did to Superman in Avengers/JLA? Yeah, like that, Except worse. This way Thanos is finally defeated but literally  just beaten to death. Even if Thanos enhanced himself with alien cybernetics, among other things. He’s beaten so badly they rip the cybernetics out of him. Bones broken, organs pulped. Mercifully, his beloved Death FINALLY shows up and takes him to the other side.

In the aftermath, many of the Avengers have to do some soul searching. Yeah, their greatest enemy is gone, but they had to murder him to do it. The Avengers used to be a balanced team of second stringers led by the Big Three. Now, it’s an assembly of gods, and those more powerful than gods. Where do they fit in on a team that can sit on high, watching the world for trouble?

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Want do you think? Can the Avengers pull it off against Thanos?