We found the perfect addition to our man-cave’s ever increasing collection of  awesome and geeky collectibles. Feast your eyes on the below amazingly detailed and horrifically awesome H.P. Lovecraft sculptures. These sculptures depict some of Lovecraft’s eldritch entities such as “Dagon” a creature that first made its appearance in Lovecraft’s short story of the same name from 1917. It also features everyone’s favorite octopus-headed cosmic being, “Cthulhu”; Pickman’s model, and the nutty Nyarlathotep among others.

Some are available for purchase. That said they are not cheap. Several toy companies have released sets of Lovecraft’s monstrous nightmares and when they do, they sell out pretty fast, so if you see something in this post that strikes your fancy, get it now before it’s sold out and selling on eBay for big bucks.

‘Lovecraft Tormented’ wall sculpture. Get it here.

‘Nyarlathotep’ sculpture by Sota Toys. Get it here.

Cthulhu’ resin bust by Dominic Qwek. Comes unpainted. Get it here.


‘Dagon’ sculpture. Get it here.