We got some intriguing news regarding the upcoming Wolverine film Logan. According to The Wrap, Ryan Reynolds has shot a scene for the movie as Deadpool! This is just a rumor right now, but an inside source tells them that the Deadpool scene in Logan “will most likely become a post-credit scene.”

As awesome as it would be to see Deadpool make an appearance in the movie, this doesn’t seem like the kind of film he would fit into. Logan looks like a very serious and dramatic film, which isn’t Deadpool’s style. It seems like throwing Deadpool into the mix wouldn’t work effectively, as he would bring in some hilarious humor that might break the dramatic vibe. But who knows, maybe Logan won’t be as completely dramatic as the first trailer made it out to be, or maybe Deadpool will have a dramatic moment that fits the tone.

There’s no information on how Deadpool’s scene will play out, but if it’s actually in the movie then we’ll just have to wait and see how exactly the character will be included. In the meantime, how do you think the Merc with a Mouth could be utilized in the film?


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