After years of waiting, the first Star Wars spin-off movie is just a few days away from hitting theaters. Thankfully with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arriving this week, the first reviews are already in. Is it going to be the first Star Wars prequel that pleases fans and critics alike? Find out in today’s spoiler-free episode of Nerdist News!

Join host and the most wanted woman in ten galaxies, Jessica “Many Bothans” Chobot, as she dives into the early word on Rogue One from across the universe. If you’re concerned about spoilers, don’t worry. We’re doing our part to keep the best Rogue One surprises under wraps, although technically, the entire opening scroll of the original Star Wars movie is one big spoiler for the events of this film. To that end it’s to the credit of director Gareth Edwards and the entire Lucasfilm creative team that Rogue One still manages to have more than a few genuinely shocking moments. There’s a lot more to this film than just a few unexpected cameos, and some critics are even favorably comparing Rogue One to The Empire Strikes Back! Now that’s the highest of praise in the Star Wars universe.

But what did we think of the film? Associate Editor and reprogrammed Imperial enforcer droid, Kyle Anderson has already posted his spoiler-free Rogue One review, and he’s also making a guest appearance on today’s episode to further elaborate on his thoughts.

What do you think about the early word on Rogue One? Are you as excited as we are? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!


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