Highlander Reboot Director Chosen

Here we are, born to be kings!!

Now  that we’re all humming to Queen’s Highlander theme we’ve glad to announce that Chad Stahelski is the official director of the much anticipated Highlander reboot. Chad Stahelski is known for directing the John Wick movie(s) starring Keanu Reeves. We’re pleased with this announcement. If Stahelski can do with Highlander what he did with John Wick then we’re in for one wild sword-swinging-head-chopping blast!

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“I’ve been a huge fan of the original property since I saw it in high school. Such great themes of immortality, love, and identity are all wrapped up in such colourful mythology. I can’t think of a better property that gives the opportunity to create interesting characters, mythic themes and action set pieces.”, Stahelski said.

Sadly the reboot’s been in development hell since 2008 so this accouchement comes as a pleasant surprise. The last update came in 2014 when it was announced that director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (The Huntsman: Winter’s War) was going to reboot the Highlander franchise with Tom Cruise potentially playing a role similar to Sean Connery’s immortal Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez.

Let’s keep an eye on this and hope it ropes in some great talent!