Say it ain’t so! Variety today brings word that former Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller is “stepping back” from the role. Fuller fans need not fret, however, as it sounds like Star Trek: Discovery is still very much Fuller’s ship. However, due to his commitments to both STARZ‘s American Gods and NBC‘s Amazing Stories reboot, Fuller will step away from the Star Trek: Discovery showrunner role. He remains aboard as executive producer, however, and the series is moving forward based on his original plans.

Fuller gave us the glorious Hannibal series, and we were super excited to see what he can do with the new Star Trek show.

Plans now call for Academy Award winner Akiva Goldsman to join the show’s creative team alongside Fuller and fellow executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts. Fuller chimed in on Twitter with an update that suggests Berg and Harberts will both be sharing the Captain’s chair. Producer Bryan Fuller Leaves Star Trek Discovery Series: